UN005: Unrushed by Richard Zepezauer

2 August 2016
Inquisition is the foundation of the creative mind, laying the groundwork for innovative sonic pathways that entrance and imbibe us. For this weeks podcast we welcome a truly inquisitive mind known as Richard Zepezauer. As an artist that has been captivating the music scene for years with his n s y d e label as well as working with classical ensembles under his alias RZ-1, we are ecstatic to catch up with Richard and share this special summer edition of UNRUSH with you.

U: If you were to draw a picture of your life at the moment, what would it look like?

Taking it word by word please imagine a paper with sine waves on it, multiply it several times with different layers and add a hard laughing smiley.

U: For quite a while now you have been running your own label, "n s y de“. What is the mission behind it?

Indeed there is one. The mission is to reunite mainly electronic music forms on one platform again. In times where labels provide mostly one musical direction to get a clear profile in order to create precise marketing strategies so they can reach a clearly defined target audience, it´s more than important to break it down to the essence again.

The essence is simply to release good music and being a filter for finding timeless music which lasts more than a few years. Also finding likeminded people, artists, friends who feel music and celebrate music in an easy going but at the same time serious way. It´s a bold aim, therefore we try not to take ourselves too serious.

U: You followed the label with setting up your own booking agency,"nsyde - entertainment“. Next to this you also work for DnP distribution in Berlin and DJ mostly on the weekends. When you have a minute to breathe in between what helps you calm down and re-charge your battery?

First of all being surrounded by the people I love is the basis of everything. There is much work to do, fortunately doing it for the love of music and keeping the passion alive is giving back a lot of energy to become recharged.

Also meeting good old and good new friends is always an energy recharging moment. Playing and putting out the music I adore and sharing it with people when I´m Djing is a high privilege which Iam very proud of. It´s not a 9 to 5 job, it`s a passion I am living. That is something which makes all stressful moments worth it.

U: What advice would you give to people who are juggling several professions at the same time?

It´s simple. Find out what you love then do it with love and accept your own tempo.

U: When was the last time you felt touched emotionally?

Well, just had a dinner yesterday with my love, the food was so tasty, I could have cried. I was the cook by the way.

U: One day you wake up and find yourself in a place that you dreamt to live. Where would it be and why?

Beach.Studio.Family. Because sun.

U: Which superpower would you like to have?

Of course it´s the superpower of growing hair on bold-heads.

U: Can you tell us a little bit about the idea behind the creation of your UNRUSH journey?

Actually to me unrushing with music means to catch someones attention so deeply that time stands still for the listener. That´s one of the mysterious effects music can provide to experience reality in realtime.

U: What would you have liked to been asked for this questionnaire?

Am I bold or hairy…

More info about Richard Zepezauer:

Soundcloud | Nsyde | Website | Bandcamp

Cover Artwork by Leonard Posso