UN004: Unrushed by Life Recorder

11 July 2016
As the lush life that surrounds us reaches it’s full maturity so does the creative fervor in our minds and in our souls. Initiating the summer edition of UNRUSH is a tremendously underrated artist based in the South of France. Kriss Kortz known as Life Recorder has been soaking deep into the collective caverns of our psyche since the mid 90’s with Detroit-tinged releases on imprints like Atmospheric Existence and Aesthetic Audio. Focusing here on the more downtempo side of his productions, he has gifted us with a truly world class excursion that is perfect for these hot summer days.

U: Kriss, tell us where are you in life right now?

Well...Right now I’m enjoying some family time here in Marseille. One year and a half ago already, a pretty big new phase of my life started with the birth of my daughter. So since last year I’m diving into this new adventure learning to be a dad and trying to build my new life rhythm around that including the music things, so I’m in a kinda slow phase on this side. Sometimes it's a bit frustrating to feel the creative mood and not being able to put yourself in a bubble and work on something but I know I just have to accept things and to take the good energy from the wonderful gift that life gave me.

U: I’ve known you for quite some time now, and when I first heard your music I was very impressed by these warm, Detroit-influenced records and DJ sets you continue to deliver. However I don't think you get the recognition you really deserve in the electronic music world. What makes you keep thriving and believing in yourself?

Yes my dear, time flies! Thanks for your support. Human and honest relations are important for me to go ahead. Self confidence has always been something a bit difficult for me since I’m a kid and I often take time to think and build my thing but it is who I am. Music gives me the chance to work on that like a therapy and then my patience is stronger too. I've never been someone making plans and running after people to get something in life and in music it's the same so maybe sometimes I decided to leave some doors closed because I was not feeling it. Above all this music is the tool I use to express my emotions and feelings and that's also why the sound of Detroit or Chicago has always been a positive guide for me. More than anything I have this natural need to express my moods and ideas at the present time and keep my freedom to create. Now talking about recognition...Of course it's always a good feeling to know that your work can touch some people's feelings and it can create a real positive momentum but in our society people under the spotlights are often those who are the 1st in numbers in whatever category but this is not how I see the things. I deeply feel that I have still a lot to express and to give in this music but I don´t want to do things for the wrong reasons. I can't lie that during slow phases I sometimes miss playing out because I truly love that, to share, to feel people vibes and I love to connect with other cultures so I would be more than happy to live those rewarding moments more often, but it won´t work for me when I focus on wrong things. I'm holding on to what I feel, what I believe, I enjoy my experiences, I take the good energy from people and friends sending true support and hopefully the journey will keep going on. 10 years ago the "Life Recorder" alias came to me pretty naturally and today I still learn why.

U: Next to diligently writing music you also work with kids in a social center in Marseille. Can you tell us a bit about your role there?

Yes, since I’m living in Marseille, I discovered a new way of life here and also a pretty big and interesting multicultural area and a lot of work to do with the kids. I had the opportunity to learn on pedagogy in this more human and rewarding environment. So my 1st idea was to use my music and my approach with Djing and production with people that have no chance to do it in their lives.. I do some workshops with turntables and a bit of approach with a midi keyboard and a computer. So my job is to find cultural and creative things to do for them and to hopefully show them new things to express themselves. Showing them other alternatives than the same things they always do here in Marseille...like playing football or watching youtube and tv. Even at a very young age now they are exposed to dangerous things like reality tv shows and awful music. So I hope I can make them escape from that a little bit and show them they can do something else with just a few things.

U: When was the last time you felt touched emotionally?

Well...with what's happening in this crazy world lately you can be really touched in different ways. But let's talk about joyful emotions here. I must say during the past year the fact to see my little girl growing in front of my eyes is something pretty strong emotionally...this is just unique and amazing.

U: Is there any serene place you visit to unrush? What´s your secret recipe on how to deal with stress?

Maybe to go for a walk on the seaside but i don't think i have a particular place to visit. What i need is just to have those moments alone with myself where i can really relax my head it could be at the beach, in a park or in the forest. It can be 10 minutes or 1 hour ... oh and one thing ! Far from TV, phones and computers so I think this can deal with stress too. Sometimes in the subway just closing your eyes a few seconds can reboot you a bit.

U: What should everybody do at least once in their life time?

Just saying NO to something that you don´t feel good for you despite everyone says yes.

U: Your lush mix fits perfectly in everyone´s holiday luggage. What was the idea behind the creation of this journey?

Thank you. I'm glad that you had this feeling about the mix. I took the opportunity to choose some important tracks for me that I don´t have the chance to play often and that are part of my personal playlist when I’m traveling or chill outside. I used some nature sounds and atmospheres to make things going like a trip trough different moods but still with that summer feeling. No beatmatching also, it was important I think to play the tracks from start to end to take time to dive into the music and atmospheres.

U: What would you have liked to have been asked for in this questionnaire?

I don´t see a question right now but I've already talked about me enough I think :)

More info about Life Recorder:

Soundcloud | Facebook

Cover Artwork by Leonard Posso