UN003: Unrushed by Kaelan

30 June 2016
As some amongst us push harder to draw lines, build walls, and separate us from one another, it remains one of the utmost import goals of musicians and curators to push back even harder in order to bring us back together. For this reason we are determined to keep a global perspective when it comes to our curation, with our previous mixes ranging from Glasgow to Brisbane. We now present an exemplification of the rich creative talent that emanates from the south with this hour of time-melting atmosphere compiled by Italian artist Kaelan aka Nico Campanella. With releases on renowned techno imprints such as Construct Re-form, CLFT, Subosc and Monnom Black, we are humbled and inspired to showcase the other side of his distinct sound.

U: Nico, tell us where are you in life right now?

At this moment I'm completely devoted to music. I'm trying to be as invested as possible in my musical projects, focusing all my energies on producing, since that's what satisfies me the most.

U: When was the last time you tried something completely new?

I always try to change and incorporate different feelings and influences in my work.I start from scratch every time, because I think it would be boring to do always the same thing. However, I like to separate my different creations using different pseudonyms.

U: What should everybody do at least once in their life time?

People should realize that it's important to listen to their inner self from time to time, and reserve some space for relaxing and soul feeding tasks, such as listening to music. I think this is very important given the fact that nowadays people are increasingly more absorbed by their daily routine.

U: One day you wake up and find yourself in a place where you dreamt to live, where would it be?

Definitely Phi Phi Island. I think this place is perfect for a complete detachment and detoxification from life issues, frustrations, and so on. Pure magic!

U: Which superpower would you like to have?

I'd love to have the ability to impress people by reflecting their consciousness with sounds. I think that having the ability to communicate something valuable is one of the biggest satisfactions an artist could ever possess.

U: We recently learned that you are involved in composing for several music projects including being a keyboardist in bands. What is special about writing music for you?

Writing music is special because it resonates my soul and my deepest feelings. It might sound obvious, but it's not.People achieve this in different ways, but my favorite and most effective one is with music.

U: Would you like to share the idea behind your mix with us?

selected some tracks that I really love. The idea was to share my current state of mind, melancholic and isolationist. I hope you enjoy....

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Cover Picture taken by Leonard Posso

Cover Artwork by Leonard Posso