UN001: Unrushed by Echoplex

30 May 2016
For our inaugural podcast we are elated to present an hour of deep listening material from the renowned dub techno artist Echoplex. As someone who has cast a distinct imprint in the techno community for years through his refined sonic palette, we couldn't think of a more suitable artist to begin our UNRUSH journey.

Peter, how are you today?

Simple, tricky question, I’m always tempted to say: not bad. We could finish here. Easy. Not to share any true state of mind and heart. I got used to it in Canada. I’m experiencing it here, in Scotland. Is it a satisfying answer? The polish rebel inside me says: wrong! Be yourself, even if they take you as an alien. If it’s what you’ve been expecting, than OK: Today I feel stressed. I feel under pressure of time, my life situation. But passionate and determined. Still anxious. A strange mixture. That’s why I feel extremely grateful for your invitation into UNRUSH. I believe the inspiration to spend some moments with ambient music will be healing.

Is there any serene place you visit to unrush?

Physically – it’s Polish seaside – where I spend every Summer holidays with my family. I can’t wait to go there this year. It’s a place where you don’t HAVE TO do anything, but you CAN do everything.

When did you feel touched emotionally the last time?

It was while trying a new equipment, I was playing around, after a few hours I realized that I had just made some nice tunes. I played it to my wife, who showed me some lyrics she had just written. I got so touched feeling how beautifully music and words fitted.

As an artist raised in Poland and moving to Italy then to Canada, Detroit and finally living in Glasgow now, what was your biggest challenge after arriving in all that different places?

I’m kind of person that seeks and enjoys challenges. Every new place gave me this opportunity, obviously because was full of new people. How I reacted to that had been changing with time. Before I thought I had to prove things to everybody. I was sure I had to please people to deserve friendship. It was stimulating, but I really never felt satisfied. It was a trap I was setting to myself. I’m grateful for all these experiences. I had to live them to be where I am now. And now, I’m trying to live consciously. Wherever I am, I love sharing experiences, take any challenge, any person as an opportunity to learn. I’m a good observer. I try to adapt good things from new cultural environment, and be aware of bad energy floating around. Everywhere is the same.

What’s your secret recipe on how to deal with stress that you´d like to share with us?

Music. Music is always good: when I’m tired, angry, frustrated, happy, lazy, … but the most spectacular effect it has when I’m stressed. A good energetic DJ set releases my tension probably as if I ran 10K. Unfortunately I’m not a sports guy. Happily, I am music addicted.

What do you think should everybody do once in a lifetime?

Take a risk and try if they can earn their living by doing what they’d REALLY love to be doing. Professionally. So many people I know feel unhappy and frustrated in their workplaces.

By the way, what would you have liked been asked for? This: --> Would you like to share any thoughts, emotions related to the UNRUSH project you are being part of?

I feel very rushed as many hence to be part of UNRUSH project is a must (laughs). But seriously, when asked to contribute the mix, I felt very excited, I waited for that perfect moment to sit down and record it. I selected some music and then just felt like: wait! UNRUSH! It is not about analysis - paralysis and planning a perfect mix of music, it’s about letting yourself go. I turned off the lights, sat on the floor, with some gear and equipment and made a 117 minute jam of sounds, songs and any noises that would best translate how I felt last night. I had a brief for the mix to be ‘springish’ – but as the weather here in Glasgow is really a place of 4 seasons in a day, no mater it’s May or November, it influences you in life, relations, and music. I hope you will catch a spirit of it by listening from start to finish...

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Cover picture taken by Leonard Posso

Cover artwork by Leonard Posso