UN017: Unrushed by Albert van Abbe

8 May 2017
Our next guest works with silence to make the grandest sound. Hailing from the Netherlands comes Albert Van Abbe, a widely established producer and DJ with a keen ear for the unknown. His music evokes a panoramic state, placing the listener in vast fields of endless space. While spending most of his time running his two imprints No Comment and VANABBE, he has also managed to release music on seminal labels like Semantica, Trolldans, ESHU, and Curle. For this edition of UNRUSH he has gifted us with a weightless sense of harmony only he can provide.

More info about Albert van Abbe:

Facebook | Soundcloud | RA | Bandcamp

Cover artwork by Joop Schroen

Cover photography by Albert van Abbe

Artist Photography by Boudewijn Bollmann