UN016: Unrushed by Katya Yonder

12 April 2017
Music works within cycles like seasons, reflecting our current state back in a mirror of sound. Our next UNRUSH guest heralds in the spring with a mix of pure serenity amidst a sea of fervid anxiety. Katya Yonder is a sound artist, singer and composer from Russia with a distinct ear for shimmering, glacial ambiance. Her recent releases on the Floe imprint out of Saint Petersburg have reminded us to focus on the positive cycles in this bustling time of year, as they exemplify an immense calm that prevails above all else. Bloom alongside the trees with Katya as she showcases a vivid sense of artistry and depth that is truly rare to find.

"This podcast is my vision of spring with all its mental diseases and the small islands of calm in the middle of the ocean of regrets and anxieties. In it you can hear my favorite tracks and one of my unreleased tracks.“

More info about Katya Yonder:

Soundcloud | Facebook | Album on Floe

Cover artwork by Joop Schroen

Cover photography by Tim Young


01. Marcus Fjellström - Oil
02. Arve Henriksen - Famine's ghost
03. Roger Eno (Official) - Voices
04. Huerco S.. - Untitled
05. Yves Tumor - Limerence
06. Parks - The Plain
07. Bisamråtta - Snöstorm
08. Katya Yonder - Untouchable
09. Elm - Breath Of Midnight Still
10. Luke Abbott - In Fields
11. Miles Davis - Blue In Green
12. Akira Rabelais - Milton Samson 1122
13. Sons of Magdalene - On His Brow, Wisdom, In His
14. Arvo Pärt - Für Alina
15. Vincent Gallo - Sixteen Seconds Happy