UN013: Unrushed by Wrong Assessment

9 January 2017
Wandering lucidly through time we find ourselves in a new year, which to some may feel like a new era. Welcoming us warmly with a continuously dissolving and evolving mix is Wrong Assessment. A clarion call to Milan as a forceful emerging artist, he has established himself through collaborations with producers such as Max_M and a string of auspicious solo EPs. His mix for UNRUSH speaks volumes to the kind of spirit that lies within the deepest caverns of electronic music, diving through a variety of styles to bring us a sound that can be clearly recognized as that of the present moment.

― Philip K. Dick, A Scanner Darkly

"He entered, by degrees, a new and somber life, lacking all of that.

Probably he should have regretted his decision. He had not. That life had been one without excitement, with no adventure. It had been too safe. All the elements that made it up were right there before his eyes, and nothing new could ever be expected. It was like, he had once thought, a little plastic boat that would sail on forever, without incident, until it finally sank, which would be a secret relief to all.

But in this dark world where he now dwelt, ugly things and surprising things and once in a long while a tiny wondrous thing spilled out at him constantly; he could count on nothing.”

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Cover artwork by Joop Schroen

Cover photography by Sarah Kindermann

Artist photography by Sergio Andretti