UN012: Unrushed by Umwelt

19 December 2016
As the year comes to a close we launch our winter edition with a name tantamount to icy electro and frigid body mechanics. Umwelt is a French producer birthed from the heyday of rave in the 90’s, supplying the world with a consistently excellent stream of dramatic analog malfunctions and genre-bending beats since the project’s inception. Widely acclaimed in many different arenas yet still remaining thoroughly underground, he has recently released an album on Killekill’s new sublabel Boidae as well as recent EP’s on numerous other renowned imprints. We decided to catch up with him to see where the more experimental side of his music collection could take us for this very special year-end edition of UNRUSH.

Just in 2014, I discovered you with your fabulous release called „Cultures of Resistance“ on Shipwrec. I saw your release schedule reaches back into the late 90´s. What have you been up to in the past two decades?

A lot of things… In the mid nineties, I started to write tracks for myself and then launched my own label „Fundata“ to put out my music in 1998. Shortly afterwards, I also started another label called „Shelter“ to release my electro tracks, but unfortunately my distributer had to shut down and so did my labels… 

Furthermore, I did a record on Kommando 6, an album and an EP on the American label Satamile between 2004 and 2006. These records helped me to be more recognized in the world of electro lovers. 

What was the initial idea to start your label New Flesh and it´s sister Rave or Die?

With the success of the digital releases, the vinyl industry was in a bad state in the end of 2000, some labels and distributors were forced to shut down. Nevertheless, I decided to launch my own label „New Flesh“ to release my own music and also other artists in 2009. „Rave or Die“ was actually more a fun project where I wanted to highlight my understanding of rave culture. For the second release I discovered a track from „Voiron“ on Soundcloud and suggested him to make a split EP, this turned out so good that I decided to release many more records of that kind. Basically the idea is to make dance floor music and the artists can express their vision of rave. 

Tell me one track that you wish you´ve signed on New Flesh?

The Exaltics : The Hunch (Annihilate The Planet). This track is a perfect combination of electro, acid and mellow atmospheres. 

The last years have been quite busy for you, at the same time you need to manage your day to day life. How do you keep a balance between gigs, studio, family and friends?

Yes it´s true that music is taking a huge part in my life these days. I don’t want to say too much about my private life but I want to say that a proper career in music is something that I actually never aimed for. Most of the energy is coming back from people that I can share my passion with… 

People have different explanations about the term “HOME“, what is the broader meaning of the word „Home“ from your own perspective?

Home is for me a place that is free from negativity. The sensation to do well on the physical, sensorial and mental plan.

What book or film would you recommend to us that you’ve read or watched?

Maybe two classics: For the book : « Fahrenheit 451 » by Ray Bradbury and

for the film « Videodrome » by Cronenberg.

Would you like to share with us any captivating experience / moment / phenomenon that you encountered recently?

In April, I was invited for Fasma Festival in Athens. To have a quiet moment before my set, I went to the Acropolis and the atmosphere was very particular. I smelt lot of positive energy, like nothing bad can reach you.

And finally… What was the idea behind the creation of your UNRUSH journey?

My idea was to create a cinematic journey and let the listener travel through melodic and dramatic atmospheres… 

More info about UMWELT:

Facebook | RA | Discogs | New Flesh

Cover Photography by Nadine Talakovics

Cover artwork by Joop Schroen


01. KIND HUMAN BEING : Vash Mir - New Flesh
02. BERNARD HERRMAN : Gort / The Visor / The Telescope - 20th Century Fox
03. JOHN CARPENTER : Darkness Begins - Varese Sarabande
04. MEDOOZA : Weiterflug - New Flesh
05. FRANCK KARTELL : Emergency Evacuation - New Flesh
06. UMWELT : Unreleased
07. UMWELT : Realm Of Eternity - New Flesh
08. BIOMASS & R.O.M : MDOF#1 - Modal Analysis
09. UMWELT : Upcoming
10. JOHN CARPENTER : A Message From The Future - Varese Sarabande
11. ANALOG BIPOLAR BOY : Into Darkness Theme - New Flesh (Upcoming)
12. OCCULT ORIENTATED CRIME : Telepatic Consultation - Dekmantel
13. ANTONY PARTOS : Nicky Henry - Milan Records
14. ANFS : Ground#1 - Modal Analysis
15. ISORINNE : Closing Window To The East - Yerevan Tapes
16. DEZ WILLIAM : Falling Upwards - New Flesh
17. UMWELT: Room 1 - New Flesh
18. LEO ANIBALDI -Untilted (muta) - ACV
19. SEEKNESS : Cyberwar Survivor - Re-load Ambient