UN011: Unrushed by No Frills

4 December 2016
Some artists possess a certain worldly eclecticism that sets them leagues apart. Our next guests surely fit this description, with their unmistakable mixes making them just as hard to describe as they are to imitate. No Frills is a project centered away from the traditional idea of DJing, and rather approach it as a chef would approach preparing a fine meal. For this edition of UNRUSH they have put together a 3 hour meal for us to feast our ears on, featuring only the finest musical cuisines from around the globe.

Mix script written by No Frills:

Music can be felt differently according to the environment one is in.
But can it also constitute that environment?
Waking up in the city, we are wandering the busy streets of 20th century London. Passing cars, horses, human voices, the roaring of industrial plants, all combines to a cacophony which should be familiar to the city dwellers amongst us.
In the city, we are working monotonous 9 to 5 jobs, we are a functioning cogwheel in the machinery without which we probably couldn’t survive anymore. 
In the evening, we are set free, we collide with the people around us, both in love and hatred. We go on transcending, religious and cultural endeavours, subject to ecstatic feelings of artificialness, culminating, in the waves of egotistic orgasms, until, exhausted and drained, we fall into a restless sleep.
The next morning, we are sacking off work, and we take the early train into nature – as far as possible - to leave city behind us just in time to witness dawn in the countryside. The rest of the day, we spend wandering around, listening to the silent murmuring of a nearby river and singing birds. We get surprised by a thunderstorm and seek shelter, but after the clouds vanish, and the sun sets, the frogs rehearse for their concert and inaugurate a night full of stars, mystery, and bliss.
But somehow, despite all the happiness, all the peacefulness, there is something, a human urge for social interaction, that always drives us back, to society...

More info about No Frills:

Soundcloud | Facebook | Youtube

Cover Photography by Sarah Kindermann

Cover Artwork by Joop Schroen