UN010: Unrushed by Eternell

4 December 2016
We are very happy to share our 10th Unrush journey created by Swedish Ludvig Cimbrelius otherwise known as Eternell. He has a bunch of releases under various names such as Purl and Alveol on labels like Silent Season, Noisy Meditation and his own imprint Eternell. Lean back and enjoy this one hour journey through very soulfull listening material and some words dedicated to his mix...

Feeling good right now is what it is all about.

Being aware of the love you are surrounded by in this moment. In every moment. Loved whether you are aware of it or not. Unconditionally.

Be aware of that love.

Any way you get there is fine. It's better to use music than drugs.

In the end, that is really just the beginning, you realize that you don't need anything to get you there, because it is who you are.

You were born happy.

Every morning when you wake up, no matter what is going on in your life, there is a brief moment before you pick up all the thought patterns from yesterday, a brief moment of bliss.

Catch it.

More info about Eternell:

Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Youtube | Facebook


01. 1. bvdub - Warm Tears In Three Colors [artist bandcamp]
02. 2. David Elpezs - Brisa [Delsin]
03. 3. Stabilo (speaker gain teardrop) - Albo [artist bandcamp]
04. 4. Glossata - Swallowed up in an unalterable dream [artist bandcamp]
05. 5. Warmth - Youth [Archives]
06. 6. Goldmund - Sometimes [Western Vinyl]
07. 7. Kate Bush - Among Angels [Fish People]
08. 8. Ashana - The Embrace [Angelic Tones]
09. 9. Reinehr - Lung [Delsin]
10. 10. Purl - Oceanima [Silent Season / Eternell]