UN008: Unrushed by Shaded Explorer

10 October 2016
Our next guest is one of uncompromising quality paired with an ethos that resides deep beneath the landscapes that surround him. Shaded Explorer, otherwise known as Emanuele Pertoldi, has made a name for himself through the sheer density of his music. He has released on prominent labels as Silent Season and Kabalion Records, and now has a release slated for the heavily reliable Berlin based label Midgar. His mixes are a testament to his sophisticated selections, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome him with a contribution to UNRUSH.
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Tell us, where are you in life right now?

I’m actually in a very busy and crucial period of my life, trying to do my best to keep my aims alive and concretize them. My own musical projects, both personal and together with friends, are growing spontaneously. Parallel to them there's the job with my colleagues at Evasion Room Studio, where we do mainly music and sound design for video games, films, cartoons and post-production for those fields plus music.

Born in a small village in North - East Italy, how did you first got in touch with electronic music and what inspired you to start writing music yourself?

If I go to the ever first contact I had with electronic music, I think it was with The Prodigy at the age of ten through a PlayStation 1 video game. During that period I started to listen to a kind of European techno on the radio, recording the program on cassette. It was a quick and spontaneous interest in those sounds and it had grown fast, so I found a way to do music on my own quickly, first with a PlayStation game and a bit later with the first computer when it arrived home. The research continued through records just few years later. It felt as a necessity pushed by curiosity. I was a lot more introvert in the past and writing music started just as the easiest form of expression for me.

Whats your favorite album from 2016?

„Rising sun ‎– The Lamentations“ caught my attention for it's creative mixture of influences while keeping a sound coherence between all the tracks. The songs express a lot of feelings which I like very much.

You like to discover the world and traveling a lot to seek inspiration for your compositions. What was the most beautiful place you have ever visited?

Yes traveling is one of my main passions, I love to discover new places, cultures, people, food, etc. There are lots of beautiful landscapes here in Friuli (Italy), but if I think about the most beautiful place I´ve ever seen, it is Stockholm and a lake near Malären that pop up in my mind, like a clear vision from the past.

You are diligently working on many musical projects such as Redundænt, Mørk or Mykia. What can we expect in the future?

E: There are two EPs and and album coming soon on vinyl from my solo projects. With Mørk we've got something in the pipeline too, two releases will be out in the next months always on vinyl, including our first album together. Also with Mykja we've got a lot of stuff we did outside in the nature during the summer and we just need to organize it. Tripsolate & Redundænt will be back soon, working on new stuff. Another new collaboration is with my friend Ida (Fjäder), we just started working on an EP together. So lots of new music is coming…

And finally, what was the idea behind the creation of your Unrush journey?

The idea was to create a journey to escape from daily stress and duties, with the aim of bringing the listener to a quieter, "unrushed" world for an hour… 

More info about Shaded Explorer:

Facebook I Soundcloud I Shaded Explorations Bandcamp

Cover Picture taken by Lilika Stresovska

Cover Artwork by Joop Schroen