UN007: Unrushed by Mareena

27 September 2016
For our next contribution we turn inwards for a mix from UNRUSH founder and curator Mareena. A name who is akin with eclectic and distinguished taste, Mareena has been carefully working behind the scenes in Berlin to consistently bring forth the best of both upcoming and established artists. For the last of our UNRUSH summer edition series she has amassed an immersive environment of sound, shining light on the natural world while still maintaining her signature sense of hypnotic mysticism. For insights into the intention behind UNRUSH and Mareena’s views as an artist, check out the interview below.
U: What prompted you to start UNRUSH? Was there a specific moment where you knew the project needed to come to fruition?

M: Many moments came together where I thought, „this is what you want to do“… I rarely listening to club music at home, so I´ve always been a follower and buyer of deep listening music. Around two years ago, I unfortunately dispersed myself with tons of work and responsibilities and was almost bordering a burn-out. My friends saw that and were warning me about my current state, so I took some months off to charge my batteries and reconsider everything I´m doing. Ambient music was a huge supporter at this difficult point in time and for me it was clear, that an UNRUSH project is something I want to do. I know that there are many people who went through similar experiences like me or simply love ambient music, so I wanted to create a platform with music and interviews to inform also about personal topics. The first event is just in the making and I´m especially exited for this. Also I´m happy to have found a small team of people that is really supportive and brings in great ideas.

U: As a curator, what makes an artist desirable to you? What do you look for when selecting which artists you would like to contribute to UNRUSH?

M: Im trying to look for artists that can channel the current season in their music or DJ - sets. This is all subjective of course but ambient and nature have a strong connection in my opinion, I´m following a lot of great artists and when I feel that there is a deeper side, I´m writing to them and hoping to have a positive response and participation in that project. People that can tell stories in their music or Dj sets is something that I really love.

U: What do you think is the most important role music plays within society and why?

M: Music is a very powerful medium, it is a form of communication that goes beyond words, a universal language. Just to see a situation on a dance floor, where people get connected through the same one thing is something really cool … Music promotes development of people´s identity, as well as cultural groups and friendships also it enhances the quality of our lives. It can manage our moods so easily. I´m for instance a very introverted person but if someone wants to talk about music with me, I can open up super easily :)

U: What do you think about the hyper-acceleration of media and the human relationship to media in the current technological age?

M: That´s a very interesting question where I could talk for ages about but I keep it short … I stepped on a very interesting saying from social scientist Herbert Simon recently: What information consumes is rather obvious: it consumes the attention of it´s recipients. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.“ 

The classic media model was „one to many“ communication which got replaced by a „many to many“ form. Everybody can officially say something or spread bollocks these days, you don't necessarily have to be journalist or an expert in certain topics, so in times of Social Media, this is extremely tiring and even dangerous I would say. Mass media has it´s dark and bright sides but you need to know how to handle it. Diseases like ADHS are a way bigger topic than in earlier times and I would blame all those distraction these days through media use … Tho I´m very grateful to be able to talk on a global level with a lot of different people, without technology it wouldn't be possible at all times. 

U: What do you think about the current state of music culture and subculture? Where do you envision things going?

M: Due to all new technologies (from writing to distributing), everyone can release music, there is hardly quality control which sometimes results in tiring searches for really good stuff. The media plays a huge role on what is cool and what is not which I find a really bad development. For sure, there were always music magazines back then but with the internet and as formerly said „everybody can say something“ it took on a new dimension. You don't need to be an outstanding DJ or musician, if you have perfect marketing skills or enough money to promote your next record properly. So imo quality suffers extremely from this and we have a current inflation of releases and DJ´s.

On the other hand it is extremely great that talented people, who maybe not having thousands of euros at hand, don't need a whole expensive studio or a lot of money to make music and distribute it. Where things are going is hard to say, especially techno was always a very colorful genre and changed from time to time. Right now I´m feeling that experimental and alternative electronic music have it´s glorious time. 

U: You take on many responsibilities, from your residency at Tresor to your work with UNRUSH among many other things. How do you keep a balance with all the elements of your life?

M: Again, something I read recently „It´s not the load that breaks you down, it´s the way you carry it“ I cut down some of my working activities and only want to work on things that really keep me happy and fulfilled. It still takes a certain discipline to get from point to point but when you know WHY you do what you do, it doesn´t really feel like a job. I´m working with weekly plans and additional daily to do lists. I´m always trying to use my time very wisely and work on everything in certain blocks without much distractions. If I reach my daily goals, I can finally relax …

U: Is there any specific place or mindset you turn to when you need to relax and UNRUSH? If so can you describe it?

M: I try do meditate twice a day and do yoga and sports regular. Downtimes even during the day are very important to me to keep my brain functioning and aware. Also Im spending a lot of time in nature and disconnect several hours or days from all media. Talking to my best friends and listening to deep music is also a form of relaxation to me. 

U: What do you find to be the most mentally (or physically) exhausting aspect of working in the music industry?

M: Luckily I haven't made so many bad or exhausting experiences yet. Sometimes it´s tough to work with unstructured or unreliable people. It can take a lot of your precious time which is a bit annoying…

U: What do you think is the most rewarding aspect of working in the music industry?

M: The like-minded people that I meet and to get inspired by their passionated personalities. I value good conversations and deep views on things. Im happy to be able to work in a field that I really adore, I wake up and feel motivated and happy with what Im doing, this is a huge reward. 

U: Who is an artist that is most inspiring to you and why?

M: Not to mention specific names but I find it very inspiring when artists have a strong signature in their music and try to be different than others or just stay true to themselves and their music, not following every fashion out there. I love strong characters, no matter if they are complete weirdoes.  

U: And finally, What was the idea behind the creation of this journey? 

M: I recorded my UNRUSH contribution on three decks (2 CD Player´s and 1 turntable) during 34° on Sunday afternoon. I used some field recordings like waves and birds that reflect on a beautiful summer and added some of my current fav ambient tunes. The journey turned out very deep and emotional, so as my mood yesterday :) Hope you enjoy the journey…

More info about Mareena:

Facebook | Soundcloud | RA

Cover Picture taken by Mareena in Croatia

Artist Pictures taken by Guillamue Coutret