What is Unrush

U N R U S H is an experiment in sound, a crystalline vision of eternal pause. Through our podcasts, interviews, and event series we focus on presenting a diverse array of alluring ambient music. With each guest contribution we search for a serene space within the mind that is free from the encumbering stresses of daily life. Our seasonal event series will act as a platform for distinguished artists who we feel can channel the unique and ineffable beauty brought forth by each season. They will take place in stunning cultural surroundings both in the city and in nature, taking a step away from the pounding hedonism of the club to showcase the other side of electronic music.

UN018: Unrushed by Stephen Brown

7 June 2017
As U N R U S H touches down on the one-year mark, we are excited to venture into live territory with a master class mix from the Edinburgh based producer Stephen Brown. A veteran with more than 20 years of musical escapades under his belt, Stephen utilizes a pure sense of joy knitted between his electrifying swung rhythms to bring us to a place of elated euphoria. While his roots lie deep within the echoes of Detroit, his sound has shown a unmistakable progression which has lead him to work with artists such as Shed, Markus Suckut, and Antigone. As the summer continues to unfold, we hope this exclusive live recording with mainly unreleased material will put you right where you want to be.