What is Unrush

U N R U S H is an experiment in sound, a crystalline vision of eternal pause. Through our podcasts, interviews, and event series we focus on presenting a diverse array of alluring ambient music. With each guest contribution we search for a serene space within the mind that is free from the encumbering stresses of daily life. Our seasonal event series will act as a platform for distinguished artists who we feel can channel the unique and ineffable beauty brought forth by each season. They will take place in stunning cultural surroundings both in the city and in nature, taking a step away from the pounding hedonism of the club to showcase the other side of electronic music.

UN015: Unrushed by Talla

21 February 2017
Drawing inspiration from all aspects of life and maintaining a constant sense of openness is the mark of a truly great artist. One such artist is Talla out of Leipzig, who together with the Institut für Zukunft crew has created a world-class musical phenomenon in the smaller German city. Talla, also known as Nadine Talakovics, got her start promoting doom metal and punk shows in Leipzig during her early twenties. Beginning her journey as a DJ as recently as 2015, she has since become a staple at such parties as Staub at ://about blank, and has also passed over the Atlantic to deliver her sound across borderlines. Her sets are characterized by an ethereal lucidity and an unquestionable passion for music, much like the nights she curates with the NO SHOW crew . On top of being an excellent DJ she is also a professional photographer, and her work in this field has been a pillar of UNRUSH’s development. We are ecstatic to present an excursion into the other side of her record bag, which she delivers with the clarity and precision of a seasoned professional.